Learn how to treat a woman

So following up on my first post, I said I would go into more detail about the claim that Dominican men do not know how to treat women.

Before I begin, I do want to say that it would be foolish of me to completely deny that Dominican men don’t know how to treat women.  Although it is a generalization, there must be some inkling of truth; otherwise, why would so many Latinas say it.  Personally, which ever Dominicans did their women dirty have now given men like me a bad rap.  But apparently enough Dominican men have done dirt that it has almost become accepted, within the Dominican community, the Latino community and society at large practically, that Dominican men are not suited for long term relationships.

So let’s go over some examples:

1.  Dominican men cheat on their girlfriends/wives.  First of all, how did the common claim that “all men cheat” become so narrow that it only relates to Dominican men?  I will expand on this further in a future blog, but I just want to say one thing – this is a weak example of how or why Dominican men don’t know how to treat women for the simple fact that cheating is a universal act the crosses race, ethnicity and gender. Black men don’t cheat?  Asian men don’t cheat? Mexican, Cuban, Indian, German,… get it? Most importantly, white men don’t cheat? Come on!  Don’t you see that it’s pointless to only call out Dominicans?

Having said this, I think the reason why women might call out Dominicans is because they have taken cheating to another level by oftentimes having entirely separate families simultaneously.  Yes, this is outrageous and yet it is despicable.  But these are extreme examples that I would dare say cannot be that common.  If you can show me some statistics then we’ll talk.  Until then, I find it hard to believe that having two or more separate families at the same time is some kind of epidemic among Dominican men.

2.  Dominican men just want housewives.  In other words, Dominican men, once they are in a relationship, try to control their wives’ movement such that the women end up just staying at home doing domestic chores.  This sound like Machismo to me.  You know, that male-dominating way of thinking that has been around for centuries across cultures the world over.  So is this all of a sudden a Dominican thing?  I highly doubt that a modern Dominican man is like this.  If your man doesn’t let you go out, not even with him, then your man is selfish and insecure, and, well, you picked the wrong man to be with.

I guess these are the main two issues/complaints.  What else?

Look forward to hearing women’s thoughts.

In the meantime, my next post will delve deeper into the reasons why Dominican men supposedly treat their women badly.


Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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I created this blog in search of the answer to one question:  why do Dominican women prefer not to date Dominican men?  As a Dominican American man (or, I should say, half Dominican and half Mexican), this decision by Dominican women to basically reject their own men has frankly bothered me for some time, so this blog is meant to address the issue head on with serious, yet thoughtful analysis.

Of course to say that all Dominican women reject Dominican men is a generalization.  Similarly, the reasons that I have heard for why Dominican women choose not to date Dominican men, as I will explore in this blog, are also generalizations.  As with most questions, the answers are never that straightforward; in fact, the answer can be complicated, convoluted and complex.

So let us then start the blog with the answer to my question.  And as I ask questions and delve deeper into the subject matter, you will find that the situation is much more complex then you first thought.  So my fellow Dominicanos y Dominicanas, I hope you join me in exploring this topic and share and engage with me so that we can shine some much needed light on real issues that affect us.

So why do Dominican women choose not to date Dominican men?  From what I have been told, the answer is simply because Dominican men do not know how to treat women.  Ouch!!

In my next post, I will provide some specific examples that Dominican women have given to demonstrate this claim.  (In the meantime, I’m going to treat my Dominican queen to a nice body massage, then take her out to a nice romantic dinner)

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